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“For years, I struggled to stay in touch with the thousands of people I encounter as an international trainer, coach and motivational speaker. I would meet people at engagements who wanted to stay connected and informed about the things I was doing, but I did not have an effective vehicle for that. The Riggs Creative Team met with us to unlock our vision and turn it into reality. Now, I have a place where my tribe can gather to support and inspire one another as grow together. Thank you, Riggs Creative Team!”

Dr. Deidre Anderson


Learn How We Helped This Brand Build Its Presence On Purpose.

When you’re a multi-talented, multi-credentialed, servant leader with a global following, you impact thousands of lives along life’s journey. For Dr. Deidre Anderson, CEO of corporate training and leadership development company Trailblazers, Inc., Executive Director of an international outreach nonprofit organization called Women Empowered, and a licensed minister who delivers inspiring messages through Deidre Anderson Ministries International, keeping in touch with individuals in each of these entities requires intentionality. Through our listening, thinking, creating and collaborating process, we worked with Dr. D to launch her tribe and, through ongoing marketing communication guidance, we continue to help her build her presence on purpose.

Eliminate self doubt. Become a better leader. Align your inner spark to live a powerful, fulfilling life. Join Dr. D’s community and step into a leadership role for yourself, your family and the teams you work with. A charismatic international speaker, author and li-censed minister, Dr. D is committed to helping others discover their purpose and maximize their potential. When she stands before a group, whether it’s a classroom of students or a work team within an organization, Dr. D’s audience is in for a treat.

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