Excel Hydraulics


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Communicating change is never easy… that’s especially true when it comes to the nuts and bolts of merger and acquisition communication! Whether you’re a large corporation or a smaller manufacturer, strategically welding two entities into one requires due diligence and effective messaging to all stakeholders to minimize disruption and maximize value.

As we had already supported Excel Hydraulics with improving its digital presence, this hydraulic, maintenance, repair and services company made a high reach for help with sharing news of its newest asset to its customers.

With insight into its owner’s interest in coin collecting and some clever, collaborative ideation, we developed a strategic campaign to engage its employees and external audiences alike. This coin campaign was far from just another coin toss. It led to much buzz, yielded conversations, and solidified connections.

Excel Hydraulics is a fluid power preventive maintenance, repair and service company headquartered in New Jersey. Excel ​ provides in-field solutions to hydraulic system breakdowns for manufacturers in industrial, farming, steel mills, material handling, construction and shipping industries.

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