“Marketing efforts at Heritage’s predominately relied upon in-store communications to appeal to guests already shopping our locations and external messaging through costly traditional media. We lacked consistent branding, messaging, and a strong digital presence essential to the digital age in which we live. Even more, we desired to develop our brand to match who we believe we are as an organization and what makes us different. In the process, we acknowledged that our internal bandwidth and limited expertise kept us from seeing our desires become a reality, so we engaged Riggs Creative Group.

From the beginning, we knew that Riggs Creative was the right partner for this endeavor. Their team took a comprehensive approach to learn who we are as an organization, the guests that shop our stores, the products and service we deliver, our needs, as well as our goals and future plans. Together, we created and implemented a plan that highlights Heritage’s delivering Convenience without Compromise. We’re excited about what we’ve already accomplished in developing a new website, creating rich content that accurately depicts our brand, and expanding our digital reach. We look forward to carrying out our marketing objectives with Riggs Creative Group who helps us work the plan.

It’s a pleasure working with Steven, Claire, and their team of professionals at Riggs Creative Group and believe you’ll find them to be an ideal, comprehensive marketing solution for your organization, regardless of size.

Skeeter Heritage, Jr.

President, Heritage’s Dairy Stores


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Starting with the purchase of a cow in the late 1920s, this company’s mooing mascot denoted its roots in all things dairy. Close to a century later, its offerings extend to everything that’s commonly in a convenient store. When we contracted to complete research and develop a strategy to tell its story, we quickly found it a privilege to pow-wow with Skeeter, Katie and their down-to-earth leadership team.

Completing our intercept studies just before the flare up of COVID-19, none us foresaw the critical role convenience stores and their essential workers would play in this providing for needs of the homebound. With ‘family, fervent, friendly and fresh’ as its core values, with a vision to lead in its category by exceeding guests’ expectations, and with a purpose to reward team members for their MAGIC (making a great impression on our customer), this fourth generation family business boasts fresh food supplied by local partners and loyal guests who seek its ‘convenience without compromise” offerings.

At Heritage’s, people are the most important part of our business. Our family-owned business has its roots in providing farm fresh staples to our tables and quality dairy products to our neighbors ’ doors. With 33 stores now spread throughout South Jersey, we proudly continue our tradition of serving our guests with a friendly smile, of partnering with local suppliers to ensure fresh ingredients are used to make our signature subs & sandwiches, and in upholding a fervent commitment to quality … in our treatment of employees and guests, in our service and products, and in our care for our communities!

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