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Communication is critical in all businesses, but especially for a utility charged with keeping hundreds of thousands of people safe and warm. We’re proud to be a part of helping this utility share key messages with its internal and external audiences. Over the years, we’ve provided design and print support to get its Customer Service Guide, as well as other bilingual pamphlets and brochures, into the right hands. We’ve also provided branded apparel, retractable banners, business cards and other trade show supplies to its teams for strategic outreach events.

About PGW

Since February 8, 1836, when the first employees of the newly formed Gas Works lit forty-six lights along Second Street, PGW has been serving the fine people of Philadelphia 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Today PGW is the largest municipally owned gas utility in the country. We manage and maintain a system of over 6,000 miles of gas mains and service pipes that deliver an annual 78 billion cubic feet of safe, reliable natural gas to our 500,000 customers each year.

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